Day 4 in Japan: Originally we are scheduled to conduct the Osaka field trip that includes a visit to American Chamber of Commerce in Japan - Kansai Chapter, attend business presentation by two prominent executives (through AmCham's arrangement), and attend a lecture about Japanese-style management by Professor Maeda. However, we were told that the outbreak of H1N1 flu in Kobe and Osaka area had canceled most of public activities in Osaka - including many schools and colleges are closed for at least a week.

I am disappointed that our program does not work at the last minute - but we have to accept it and find an alternative. Fortunately the Shiga Prefecture government helped us out by preparing a one-day program to visit Hikone Chamber of Commerce and visit Hikone old down shopping area to see how people in Hikone had revitalized the downtown. Also we were impressed with Hikone's recent campaign on "Ii Naosuke - Gateway to the Future", which commemorates 150th anniversary of Naosuke's efforts to open up Japan to the world. See for more information. Details and pictures to come later.

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